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Building a distinctive brand

The Foundation for Young Australians delivers a range of initiatives (co)designed with young people to deliver change across Australia.

In 2010 we mapped out a visual campaign to launch FYA's ten year vision for young people. Since then the organisation has received record media attention and support for its programs.

Our video links and creative campaigns have contributed to a heightened profile for programs like NAB Schools First and given the organisation a memorable and distinctive image. We interviewed leaders and partners in the education and corporate sectors to find out why working with FYA has been so important.

We've run focus groups with young audiences and we've developed messaging and strategies for success.

We helped FYA demonstrate its value and contribution to the lives of thousands of young people around the country.

In 2014 we ran a series of brand and value proposition workshops to give FYA a brand boost through images, illustrations and messaging and by reconnecting FYA programs to the parent brand.

FYA asked us to tap into their brand and help them see their organisation through the eyes of government, corporate partners and young people.